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Being Skinny

I was born skinny and that has been it all my life. That is offensive to the society especially getting to adulthood and still having no fat to show for it. Nowa...

posted on: 2019 day_ 099

Everything isn’t for everyone.

We have defined happiness in all sorts of ways. The broader percentage having successful careers, families complete with children and smiles all round. At least ...

posted on: 2019 day_ 089

We are too many

Over population has always been a myth to me; until I experienced it. Then my eyes woke up to the fact that we are simply too many to justify our existence. Give...

posted on: 2019 day_ 087

Olga Of Kiev; Saint From Hell

This is a revenge story of passion. A story that spreads fear while inspiring resolve. A story of massacre after massacre that ends up in the perpetrator being v...

posted on: 2019 day_ 036

Earth’s End.

Nothing lasts forever. Trillions of years ago; the earth did not exist. Trillions of years to come; it might not exist as well. That is nature. However; if we ke...

posted on: 2019 day_ 015
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