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Turbos, what are they?

I love engines and I feel that’s about time I wrote something about them. Most of us have already experienced one of the many beauties out there. Turbochargers o...

posted on: 2018 day_ 311

Do Specialists Rule?

The availability of information has changed things over and like the forbidden fruit; there is no getting out of this one. Four generations ago, most of what a p...

posted on: 2018 day_ 309


The convenience of a written word is comparable to a legacy; immortality. Immortality is the gift we think we need. This is why I choose to write my opinion on w...

posted on: 2018 day_ 301

Free Consultation; For Life

Ruby the programming language has pretty much molded the backbone of things I make. That being said; I am not married to it. It is there to help me achieve a pur...

posted on: 2018 day_ 274

Making a Web Application Progressive.

When I first heard of the progressive web application idea; I thought it trickery. As of writing this, I already turned this blog into one. The idea is simple; m...

posted on: 2018 day_ 266
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