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Get yourself an anthem

My opinions about national anthems, how they came to be and their particular use is far from conventional. This does not mean that I disapprove of them; no. On t...

posted on: 2019 day_ 009

My Meat Philosophy.

Meat is a huge part of my diet. No harm meant to people who don’t partake of other creatures with life. However; this guy intends to put his canines to use and t...

posted on: 2018 day_ 328

Fire From The gods

Colonialism is a bitter thorn into our past. Humans taking over humans because of resource greed but what happened happened and here we are. When deep in thought...

posted on: 2018 day_ 325

Turbos, what are they?

I love engines and I feel that’s about time I wrote something about them. Most of us have already experienced one of the many beauties out there. Turbochargers o...

posted on: 2018 day_ 311

Do Specialists Rule?

The availability of information has changed things over and like the forbidden fruit; there is no getting out of this one. Four generations ago, most of what a p...

posted on: 2018 day_ 309
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