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The convenience of a written word is comparable to a legacy; immortality. Immortality is the gift we think we need. This is why I choose to write my opinion on w...

posted on: 2018 day_ 301

Free Consultation; For Life

Ruby the programming language has pretty much molded the backbone of things I make. That being said; I am not married to it. It is there to help me achieve a pur...

posted on: 2018 day_ 274

Making a Web Application Progressive.

When I first heard of the progressive web application idea; I thought it trickery. As of writing this, I already turned this blog into one. The idea is simple; m...

posted on: 2018 day_ 266

No One Is That Good

I find it funny that most of my articles begin with some sort apology or an appeal to hear me out. Apparently; I was going to loose a chunk of my audience to my ...

posted on: 2018 day_ 264

It’s Not About The Money

Mainstream knowledge has life bent around money. Careers are ranked according to how high they pay and so are people. This kind of conditioning can be poisonous....

posted on: 2018 day_ 257
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