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Mobile Apps Killed by Web Apps

I am a web application developer and writing this piece might picture me as prophet of doom. I am not. However, in my view, web applications have no space for mo...

posted on: 2018 day_ 242

Saying No To Heaven

Dear religious people, I am not after you, I am one of you. What sets me aside is the wish I have for my soul. This is no rebellion; this is me practicing free w...

posted on: 2018 day_ 235

Shops and Offices on the Verge of Extinction.

My life’s philosophies are based on efficiency. To the enlightened; this is laziness. Efficiency is the shorter path to the same result using less resources. At ...

posted on: 2018 day_ 230

Becoming a web_developer

My life has been a series of successful failures characterized by strong lessons. This is the short version of my life story; so far. The long version is a deep ...

posted on: 2018 day_ 222

Decline Of Women In Computing

History is written by the winners. If women had fair chances in computing, I wouldn’t be writing this. It is not a protest, I was fairly ignorant till I finished...

posted on: 2018 day_ 219
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