Colonialism is a bitter thorn into our past. Humans taking over humans because of resource greed but what happened happened and here we are. When deep in thought; sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if all the colonialism never happened. Life would be different that is for sure. Better? I doubt so. Our systems were headed for a collapse of their own; I think. 

In my opinion, colonialism is a disaster caused by our colossal misappropriation of resources. History has shown that humans have an inseparable bond to fear. Our systems are fear based. This may be the reason why most inventions are first made into weapons. We prefer death to life. The industrial revolution was no different.

The industrial revolution spurred uncontrolled population growth; a disaster we still experience. Population required resources which the ‘civilized’ plundered at an astonishing rate. More resource was being wasted than was being put to use resulting in a shortage. What to do? Use our industrialization to plunder entire populations for our sake. This was cancerous. 

So they deployed guns to places that were beautiful but violence was never going to win the hearts of these people. They sent men of ‘God’ to preach the ‘good news’. By the time they were done; they had erased entire cultures, languages and the uncooperative killed off. All these look bad till we look at the flip side. 

They brought their advancements with them. Writing for example was a major milestone for us. Not only could we store our information in a more permanent form; we could also study their millenniums worth of information. Imagine a community that formerly used messengers on windy days because smoke signals were cheaper bandwidth. Now give them; the telephone. How many years of advancement have you saved them?

Fast forward to modern day. Here we have a people recovering from the shock of all the sudden change. Some of us are still in a bit of confusion over how to govern the new borders. We still don’t understand nuclear but give us time. A lot is still going on. We have cultures to bring into this new world because; they are beautiful. You can also make up one of your own and live it; free world.

The dust is slowly settling but a fire has been lit. A raging fire of curiosity with this new knowledge. We are desperate to use it to solve our local problems because imported solutions don’t seem to work. Foreign solutions are lacking in context; rendering them in efficient. I hear that there is a country in Africa with better money transfer systems than their colonizers. It is keen to note that currency is still a new concept in Africa relative to those who invented it; their colonizers.

Imagine a people of cultures new to the age taking strides that are at per with their masters. Isn’t this an interesting time to be alive? We have tasted of the fruit and we just can’t seem to have enough of it.