Meat is a huge part of my diet. No harm meant to people who don’t partake of other creatures with life. However; this guy intends to put his canines to use and that calls for some guidelines on how to do this. This calls for something that’s beyond a mere fact; a philosophy. A self evolving truth. 

If I thought that everyone did meat right; this would be a huge appreciation letter but it is not. Instead I think that things are so bad and heading for the worse thus forcing me to share my believe in the same. My opinion is not a solution; far from it. It tries to understand what is happening to that part of the diet and tries to make it better.

Branding has been a major issue with me over the same. Meat situations are largely exaggerated leading to a form of misleading brand. I have come to realize that when people say ‘meat’ they don’t mean it as the main ingredient rather than a polite way of showing off the most expensive part of your meal. That meal will be largely made of garden stuff and the ranch stuff(meat) is like the little cherry on your ice cream. Barely there but conspicuous. 

Here is what I am on about. Imagine getting invited to a gathering where meat is the agenda. However on getting there; get hit by the shock of how much you will have to ignore to get to the meat. The line starts on the rices, then breads, heads on to the stews, the greens and fruit section then finally get to the meat section; usually quite brief and short of variety. This is then served in a fashion of countable pieces.

See, by the time you get to the meat, your plate is a hill full. So you can now only handle placing a piece or two before overflow happens. It is by design that meat is almost always place at the other end of the line. You don’t want people getting generous with expensive ingredients. What happens when you hold up serving and get generous with the meat? Let the looks answer you. Basically people call you you a glutton for going against the set ratios.

Worse is when you get invited to homes using meat as a spice. The stew tastes like meat but the meat looks lonely in a crowd of garden stuff. It’s not fair to the expectations already set. We need more honesty at the dinning table. My idea of what meat is as a dish is quite simple.

Meat. Just that. Probably have another ingredient to make it not so lonely but not in a ration that outweighs the meat. Meat in my view should at least be sixty percent of the net meal weight. Otherwise inviting people for a ride in luxury only to torture them with a taste of it simply criminal and conveys a certain level of cheat. It’s like I was invited to offer more than I would consume.