My opinions about national anthems, how they came to be and their particular use is far from conventional. This does not mean that I disapprove of them; no. On the contrary, I think that they are among the few bonds still holding society together. Last year’s porn statistics came out and by regions; we are still no integrated. I thought it one of the few secrets holding us together; people love their own.

Music has a way of riding the soul in a way we can understand. Sad music is just sad; you don’t need to know the language the song is in; the emotion it elicits is universal. I think music as an instrument can get to the soul much faster than the brain can. Trying to simulate happiness in my mind and make that a reality doesn’t seem to work as well as when I set up a music play list that will suit what I need to feel at that moment.

It’s like a cheat code; key it in and I am in the zone. It is my morning drug, and I am on fire like I took the coffee through a drip as I charged something else in my mouth. Usually these anthems are loud but there are moments when I just need a smooth vibe running through. I have no guilt in leaving that anthem song or moment on repeat till I feel that the charge is full.

Good thing about music is that it is universal. You don’t need a video of the song to know that this particular one requires me to wiggle stuff. Another may have some leg work involved but none of the will really need you to understand the language. This opens up the anthem arena; anyone can have any from anywhere. Most of the songs that get me going are French, Spanish and Arabic; none of which I speak.

Having an anthem is not a firm recommendation from me by writing about them. I however think that they are worth exploring . Knowing the kind of music that moves you more than coffee does would be a discovery of a whole world within you whose existence was unknown. Go a step further and have the music available to you on media you can move around with; you never know when some mood is needed.

The world is full of noise; some of which we are supposed to make sense out of and most of which really is not close to being our business. Having a set of sounds tailor made by you for you feels like walking around with a shrink in your pocket. Play the sounds anytime you feel like altering your moods. 

This is what an anthem is to me. That being said; my anthem collection is so huge that my entire play list is made of them. Once in a while, a new song makes it to the collection but it must raise a lot emotion in me for that to happen.