It might seem unnecessary but I would love to remember every moment of my life. Every moment. That, however, is not the case and if it were; I would be an A student. I managed strong B’s all my life. Think about it. Remembering every moment, dreams inclusive. What would that be like? Heaven or hell?

The I looked around because I could. Nothing. No conclusive answer to what happens to our memories. There are extensive studies and even more study cases are being designed to understand the mechanics of our brain. These did not seem to care to why we have this selective memory but they really agree on the how. We vaguely understand how we store memories but cannot yet tell why we have been so selective with them. Here is where my Age-Theory comes in.

I’ll introduce a mysterious element that will hold all our unknowns. This element will be responsible for all the bias we have, the characters we exude and the memories we retain. Let’s make of the brain like a computer and the soul to be the user (brain<=>computer)&(soul<=>computer_user). This way we can explain why all our brains are broadly similar but our characters vary by the millions. Why some are into something that makes no sense to another.

So we are birthed into the world. Computer is ready. Then the soul comes into it. The computer has a user. From age zero to seven; the user is fiddling around the machine. Pressing every button to see what happens. Just like a child seemingly has no clue of a thing; pure innocence. So here the soul tries to assimilate into the body, learn reality as well. Know how gravity works, acquire motor skills, learn how to communicate but still very innocent. Most of these memories are in the form the basic skills we have. How much of your life prior to seven years do you remember?

Age seven to fourteen you begin to have likes. You strongly want to become a doctor and help the world. Our computer user now knows how to use it. User starts to install programs that help him satisfy immediate curiosity. It’s gaming time. The soul can efficiently use its body now. Next up is picking up a passion it loves, sustain emotions and have wishes; plan a future.

Fourteen to twenty one. Now the soul is comfortable in its own skin. Next up is the realization that it is not alone in this world and not everything is about the self. It learns how to make alliances in the form of friends, know the effect of its actions on those it comes into contact with and probably be selfless to another (fall in love). The computer user now understands the machine. User starts calling friends over to share experiences. Friends also share in the process and the soul now integrates to a community.

Twenty one to twenty eight. The soul has been into the community and understands where it is most useful in it. Here skill specialization takes place. The soul takes time learning all it can about the skill it will use to interact with the society. The computer user now has a specialist program that the world needs to be a better place.

I turned twenty seven on the 12th of June. Gemini with a Scorpio moon and I am yet to get to twenty eight so let’s pin this thought at that. Age to acquire beauty people.