I was born skinny and that has been it all my life. That is offensive to the society especially getting to adulthood and still having no fat to show for it. Nowadays when people look at me, it’s usually with pity. Like something very sad is going to happen to me; right there. I have since taken sensible steps of avoiding gatherings that may give those looks.

I wish human judgment was held up in though form and would never see the translation to words. Words hurt. I have lived through this to consider writing a humanity manual. These people that give you the pity faces mostly don’t really care about you. Humans have an unmatched affinity to negativity. I will break down them for you.

Usually they are close to you. Family ranks highest. Then comes the mutual friends worse if these friends come from your in-laws because politics dictate that you do nothing. Your immediate group of friends is the one family that really understands you. ‘Whats wrong?’ Is the common most question I get. 

They then expect you to answer by explaining why you are skinny. Giving this question an answer would be according dignity to it and this is not an option. So I downplay this with ‘with what?’. ‘You, man you are skinny’. Here the insults begin. To name a few;

‘Why don’t you eat?’. ‘I think you should get a wife to take care of you’. ‘Come to my office and I will show you how to make money’. ‘Who are you going to attract with a body like this?’. ‘People will never take you seriously in a boy’s body’. I could go on but re calling them for this article is pain enough but I hope the point is almost home. 

This is not to mean that my life a sad one. On the contrary, I have learned how find comfort by adapting. People who make profits from me maintain enough contact to make sure that their money machine is alive. That’s me too to my customers. Business relationships have control and that’s just beautiful. No one from this group cares what I look like.

Strangers offer no judgment because they barely know of your past. Also, you control how the dominoes fall and the pattern they form. Most strangers you meet are either in an environment you have to be kind or have an interest in you so any negativity is always avoided. 

So you see, they don’t care. They are celebrating my would be troubles. The questions are meant to dig deeper into the troubles and uncover more cause for celebration. I do not hate the kind though. In a world where love simply wins; I understand where their thoughts spring from. What matters is what actions I take when I encounter such. Nothing. I do nothing.

The bigger man takes in the emotions and does nothing till calm is restored. I am also cultivating a philosophy of help without face since we have established that mine doesn’t work all that well. Meanwhile, please eat what only is necessary to keep you alive and mind your neighbor with your luxuries.