We have defined happiness in all sorts of ways. The broader percentage having successful careers, families complete with children and smiles all round. At least most end trying to achieve this. However with the evolution of desire new things have come up. A ranking system has emerged where the happy live on top of these ranks. 

Being an engineer is not enough; being a rich famous engineer is the thing. An engineer who just wants to build stuff is not the ideal mate these days. More is to be expected; status is to be preached. Choices make us and these are no different. There exists a minority few who are just happy being who they are and doing what they do. 

Nature as it turns out; cannot be changed. Time has been constant for a while now and there’s only so much one can achieve in a day. This means that having a best in something means balancing that with something that’s at it’s worst. Balance is nature and nature is fair. Then this follows that balance is fair just like day is to night. 

Going against a balance is going against nature. That’s probably why most men we idolize were poor at being good husbands. Their wives and children have different opinions. For every point you say ‘hardworking’; those are hours spent away from family. Having a family is not wrong but having a family and being absent makes you a monster.

The people we consider great are of the balance opinion; psychopaths. The focus on these people is powered by an insatiable appetite for achievement at whatever cost. Giving up anything and everything ordinary people consider important. To them families are eccentrics of people contented with tiny gains. They are here for the world.

This means living a life of pure reason. No thing in their life is below need or a want. The only want is the achievement desired. Some of the most brilliant scientist have unkempt appearances that are ‘off-putting’. Are they mad? No! They happen to be smarter than most of us. Being clothed makes sense but fashion is a hierarchy they are simply not interested in. Tidy is a sheep opinion. 

Queer people don’t attract attractive mates; people who understand and put effort into the fashion hierarchy do. That’s the balance of life. So you see; having a truly happy family, being the top of your field, being the richest and the babes don’t make sense in one sentence. To win some you have to loose some. I don’t play chess, yet, but the idea seems to hold.

Average people should be ready for average everything and learn to be contented with that. Exceptional people who make sacrifices to drive progress and we should respect them for that. Just as we should respect an average person who is truly happy with their position in society. 

Wealth by all means should be accompanied by appropriate need. Hoarding of excesses without premeditated reasons is greed and that is the cancer of this planet.