The origin of the epic science fiction tale of Victor Frankenstein's monster was authored by Mary Shelly. The works have since inspired a whole genre of story telling; science-fiction. Since then, the story about a scientist dejected by the world and creating a monster has been told many times over. Doctor Zola of Hydra in the marvel universe and Lex Luthor of the DC comics’ superman story are two cinematic examples.

In a thought experiment where the two (and many more) had been given the recognition they deserved for their abilities; their universes would have experienced less destruction. So goes with Doctor Frankenstein who ultimately decides to bring a man to life using parts of deceased human bodies. The result was a hideous ugly but sensitive and emotional being. He was called a monster because he was ugly to the humans and was bigger than the average man. 

The monster was outwardly ugly and was seeking compassion from human beings who were ugly on the inside. It even takes up studying ancient books to understand the world that it found its self in. This ultimately leads the creation to turn against humanity. Of course it’s creator abandons it out of fear and the story fires up. One could argue that Victor was selfish in considering his own needs and forgetting about his creation’s needs. 

We are not so different from how the books portrays humanity. On a global level; we shun the true workers of the cause in favor our egos. Fully devoid of the truth. We pay our scientist, farmers, teachers and doctors way less than we do our politicians. We worship wealth regardless of the source because we have narrowed down the rich variety that is life to a few rules of material gains.

Children are supposed to be a continuation of us and not a stage of life. They are supposed to inherit all that we know and are so that they can carry on making life better and better. Children are not results of sexual pleasure gone wrong but we have made it so. What ends happening is we have children born of parents whose ages shouldn’t allow them to be. 

In most cases, the parents to these new parents were barely done raising and educating them when they too become parents. These kids are basically kept alive but rarely guided. Most of their knowledge comes from the government in form of formal schooling and broadcast media. The parents also hire helps to substitute them in what would otherwise be tedious. Knowledge from the mentioned source has already been corrupted to suit an agenda. 

These are the modern day Frankensteins monsters that bring so much trouble and pain into this world. They roll over with the pain from home onto the world and end up inflicting so much suffering. We cannot blame them. Imagine convincing a fish that the atmosphere exists. Bringing up your creation as you were brought up, with love and care, fosters more humanity that inspiring them to be mechanical thinkers.

Do some research around the Internet and notice how majority of the dictators, mass murderers, rapist, child offenders and what have you come from dysfunctional family backgrounds. Their thinking had logic but it was mechanical and lacked heart. Was Victor Frankenstein’s monster really fiction or are we yet to see the worst of it?