Einstein earned glory and probably was the first scientist to live like a rock star at some point in his life. He was the person who dared challenge Newton on gravity and was victorious. However, what this did was open up questions as we seek to understand life. This is because scientists are still trying to get the unified equation that answers all our questions. The unified theory. A simple equation that can outline the thought behind our existence. An equation outlining how God thinks.

Special relativity explains the relationships between physical bodies. Why the sun exerts its gravity on earth with the distance involved which we assumed was a vacuum. Why objects are pulled into the center of the earth. Special relativity deals with large physical bodies.

According to special relativity; space transmits gravity. Imagine having a sheet of cloth fully stretched and suspended. Then place a metal ball on it. It will settle at the center of the sheet. Now throw on the sheet a smaller metal ball on it but in such a manner that it rolls along the sheet. The larger object causes a depression at the center and the smaller object sort of rolls around the larger ball. In this primitive experiment we demonstrate how the sun has the earth in its gravity field. 

However, this theory breaks when used on smaller objects like atoms. According to science, the God who created large bodies is not the same God who created the micro-universe. Or so we thought. Later on, the string theory really gained prominence and sort of died but was revived by the super string theory. The theory so far has had some implications on theoretical physics. I will use another primitive example for this.

The world as we know is made of matter that can be defined by the dimensions length, width and height. Now that’s three dimensions. This matter exists, meaning time is involved, let’s add time to our dimension and we have four dimensions. Compare how you see things with how an ant does. Everything is definitely much larger for it. An ant will walk into tiny gaps like it’s a doorway. Now try to imagine something that an ant struggles to see; would you see it? Probably with the help of a microscope. Thus an ant has extra ‘dimensions’ that we don’t experience.

Back to our theories. One deals with large objects and another deals with the tiniest divisions of matter. As it turns out, these two objects follow different rules of existence in a unified universe which doesn’t seem right. Hence the search for the unified theory.

When an extra dimension is imagined and put into the equation; it spits out constants that resonate to our physical world. In other words, if we dream up an extra dimension, we seem to match it with something of our physical world. The same happens every time we add another dimension. So far; we are at ten spacial dimensions and one time dimension. God is back to being one. Here is yet another primitive example to explain this. 

We have objects that are made up of atoms. These atoms are made of electrons that move around a nucleus made of protons and neutrons. Going deeper into this we find the quack. Quacks are what you see if you were to tear the nucleus. Inside this quacks are ‘strings’. This strings are looped but of irregular patterned shapes consistent with very specific vibrational frequencies. 

The shapes of this strings (which are dictated by vibrations) define matter as we know it. Just like plucking a string on a guitar produces a different note than that of a different string. So what causes the different shapes and vibrations? Dimensions. We are intertwined with other dimensions that dictate how matter in our dimension works.