I once had this friend whose opinions on vehicles was special. No car was faster than what his dad drove. His dad favored small Japanese hatchbacks. Their Engine capacities barely exceeded a thousand and five hundred cubic centimeters of displacement volume. In other words; small and underpowered for my taste. He hated my taste. 

I have nothing against tiny cars, they have their uses. What angered me was how easy it was to achieve his dream machine. I still strongly think that people with simple dreams are lazy. Being normal is crazy and lazy too. Success comes off a wild target, a dream so big people think you’re mad. A dream that’s easy to achieve has many achievers. There is satisfaction in that but it’s not glory either. It’s common. 

Imagine living next to people who are similar to you. What would you even talk about? Who would be in charge of being creative? Would you all then turn on him for disturbing the norm? Gossip will be a hit in your crowd because that’s as close as you get to being creative or experiencing something new. 

I imagine if my dream was easy to achieve then I would end up with loads of free time on my hands. What to do with the free time? I would probably hate reading so I would spend time on my screens all day. Probably go out and do the same with similar friends time to time and call it constructive social gathering. 

Being so average, tiny activities that don’t hold a future would matter so much. Like watching your car get cleaned every other day. Talking extensively about sports that hold no value to our lives or whose outcome we can barely affect. Bragging about the latest political opinion. 

I choose to be miserable in my struggle for the unachievable. I choose to have dreams so big they will not let me sleep more that I really should. There is bliss in the struggle. For example; mastering the art of selective ignorance is a master’s technique. Minding my own business and ignoring all other.

I care not for the current events save for what entails my dream. I need to know on the latest dependency changes for my rack-software but no; I don’t need an update on what a politician said about another during the other function. The current energy cost concerns me more than what my neighbor does for a living. 

In my distraction I probably will miss out on turning my neck to every beautiful woman. I might even miss out on some trends, watch a movie too late or embarrass myself in a crowd but I will not mind that. I expect it. I wouldn’t live with myself if I failed my dream. There is immense trial before then but that’s another day in the office for my likes. 

Living a dream I formed in my head will bring me closer to God. I will have a glimpse understanding of how creation works and wouldn’t that be something?