Over population has always been a myth to me; until I experienced it. Then my eyes woke up to the fact that we are simply too many to justify our existence. Given the resources available on this earth; we could go a few times over but given our efficiency at which we are utilizing the current ones, no, most of us shouldn’t have been born in the first place.

I have gone over horror that is the Georgia guide stones. I wouldn’t be a devoted follower to the actions proposed but I now have some feeling that the author had in heart. I believe that every soul alive has a purpose in the complex tangle of life. The intensities my vary but they all qualify as purpose. 

My opposition comes in on why we regenerate. Creation on the biological scale is on a free will control by humans. The purpose being improving life as we know it while we strive hard to make the conditions for human existence ever better. Is this the case? Are things getting heavenly for you or do you feel closer to hell?

Sex is an ultimatum to human senses. Basing our lives on certain motivations is not wrong; we need our reasons for going big. Sex shouldn’t be one but here we are. It doesn’t matter how our morals degraded so fast. What matters is morals are actually causing economic and environmental harm. 

Children should be the result of a long journey that ends with the parents handing over all they know to a new generation as they enjoy the pleasures of life. They are not supposed to the result of lust. A child deserves the best there is and having both parents there is part of the deal. A child brought up in imbalance is an unstable child. 

Inheritance is not why we have children.

They roam the world inflicting pain upon innocent souls who before them knew no bad. They roar pain with how they treat the other because of the environment that brought them up. People brought up in deceit will never see deceit as an evil but as a tool. Only very strong external enlightenment can defeat that but most days we end up suffering. 

All these because of a few selfish moments that had our thoughts dominated by lust. Nothing is wrong but causing pain is. Loving parents who have no agendas bring out people society needs. People who taught agendas into their children bring out products we would rather not have. 

Some times it comes down to resource. If you bring a human being into this world only to have it get tortured by hunger; you deserve a hotter conner wherever it is you are headed. Meanwhile we have to adjust our dreams to cater for your mistakes. We don’t get there as fast but we get to sleep better.

Meanwhile, please be true to yourselves. Be true to your friends and be true to your world. Failure to do so is an embarrassment to you God.